Dosing & Administration

How to carry out intravenous
self-administration of C1-INH concentrate


1500 IU vial

1500 IU Berinert vial saves time in a life-threatening attack versus Berinert 500 IU.

Compared to Berinert 500 IU:1

  • Under half the time to prepare and inject
  • Fewer steps to reconstitution
  • Saves time for healthcare professionals, patients and carers

1500 IU Berinert vial takes less than 6 minutes to reconstitute and administer1

1500 IU vial versus 500 IU vial

10 times less volume to administer versus Berinert 500 IU:

  • Lower volume, higher concentration
  • Fewer vials to store and reconstitute
  • Less waste / ancillaries
Berinert Q&As
Medication Bottles

3ml to inject vs 30ml to inject

*10ml per vial
†Based on a 75 kg patient receiving 20 IU/kg

In acute angioedema attacks

  • Berinert offers single dose convenience2,3
  • 1% of patients require re-dosing4
  • Berinert treats adults and children with a single 20 IU/kg dose2,3
  • Berinert can be administered using an individual replacement (on demand) strategy2,3
  • Treatment should be initiated under the supervision of a physician experienced in the treatment of C1-esterase inhibitor deficiency2,3

Pre-procedure prevention of angioedema attacks

1000 IU less than 6 hours prior to a medical, dental, or surgical procedure.

15 to 30 IU per kilogram body weight (15-30 IU/kg b.w.) less than 6 hours prior to a medical, dental, or surgical procedure. Dose should be selected taking into account clinical circumstances (e.g. type of procedure and disease severity).

Method of administration
The reconstituted solution is to be administered by slow i.v. injection or infusion.

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