Dosing & administation

1500 IU Berinert vial saves time for healthcare professionals, patients or carers versus Berinert 500 IU2.

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1500 IU Berinert vial takes less than 6 minutes to reconstitute and administer2

What is Berinert?

Berinert is indicated for the treatment of: Hereditary angioedema type I and II (HAE). Licensed for use in neonates, infants and children – use in all ages.3,4

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Median patient-reported time (minutes) to onset of symptom relief5

20 IU/kg (n=43)
30 Minutes
Placebo (n=42)
90 minutes

Onset of action was 30 minutes* following a single 20 IU/kg dose5



As part of CSL Behring’s ongoing support of the HAE community, a range of educational materials is now available for patients and healthcare professionals. These include practical information to assist both the specific use of Berinert and everyday management of HAE.

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