Mode of action


Single dose confidence in acute HAE attacks

  • Berinert successfully treats 99% of acute HAE attack patients with a single dose1
  • Berinert treats adults and children having an acute HAE attack with a single 20 IU/kg dose2,3
  • Berinert works within 30 mins*4
  • Berinert treats the cause of HAE†2,3
  • Berinert provides effective onset of symptom relief at every site1

† in types I and II by replacing the deficient C1 esterase inhibitor

Berinert has sustained efficacy

  • Requires redosing in only 1% of patients1
  • Half-life* 36 hours2,3
  • No emergency procedures or additional doses in laryngeal attacks1

Berinert is indicated for the treatment of: Hereditary angioedema type I and II (HAE). Licensed for use in neonates, infants and children – use in all ages. Treatment and pre-procedure prevention of acute episodes.2,3

‡ medical, dental or surgical

The NHS England Commissioning Board recommends that early treatment with C1-inhibitor replacement therapy is the only appropriate treatment for severe HAE attacks5

Safety and Tolerability Profile

  • Proven track record in more than 500,000 treatments over 30 years1
  • Berinert demonstrated a lower adverse event rate compared to placebo4

Percentages of subjects experiencing adverse events in the I.M.P.A.C.T 1 study4

0% 25% 50%


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